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Androbolic 250 60caps

Androbolic 250 60caps
 Androbolic 250 60caps
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Androbolic 250 contains 5 Anabolic compounds that will kick your growth into high gear.
This product is formulated to deliver 8 hours of growth inducing compounds per serving.
This is done by a unique system of delivery called “Controlled Release Technology”.
Once these compounds reach your muscle, they are released over the next 6-8 hours.
So when one ingredient starts to weaken in effect, the next ingredient carries the torch!
The 5 ingredients work their magic for 8 continuous hours.
The end result, you get 8 half of you waking day having your body in an anabolic state.
  • • Increased strength
  • • Superior lean mass catalyst
  • • Increased protein synthesis

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